Abraq ad habra


Abraq ad habra
I create as I speak
Nothing magical, undesigned fantasies
I create with what’s been given me
Abraq ad habra
Is not a command
Not an empty word for the magic things
we hope to be or that we hope to see
Abraq ad habra
Is the power to be
the creation I was called out and destined to unleash
Creating beauty with each word I speak
When you invade me,
all the ugly flees
My dirty feet you’ve washed
My empty heart, you fill so fully
A heart that fails so constantly
A heart that you restore so abundantly
Abraq ad habra
Alive is the weak,
the broken and undeserving,
selfish me.


I spy


I spy the world’s tiniest police car
a set of hand prints times three
a ceiling sky with almost stars
and a pair of feet under me

I spy a memory soaked photo box
a handkerchief of blue and green
a gift of treasured speckled rocks
and a sleeping beauty next to me

I spy a welcoming, hopeful sleep
an early good night morning
a warm body that wants next to me
and a peaceful rest awaiting



I dream today, a little differently
worst case scenario fantasies
no longer get the best of me
I was created with a gift
of creativity, I want
to create nothing but beautiful
realities not tragedies
the audience I aim to please
has been narrowed down
simplified, solely between
you and me

Proverbialousness Nonsensicalities of One Twenty Four


Too many bulldogs
will spoil the formaldehyde.
A bird in time,
saves fifteen.
Those who live in critical houses
shouldn’t throw temper tantrums.
The shortest distance between two muffins
is a straight handle.
A star a day
keeps Noble Six away.
He who jumps last,
flies best.
You can’t keep a lovely man down.
You can’t teach a purple girl old tricks.
Life is clever, life is pretty
and Laura
is not the goal.
The way to a man’s glory
is through his apology.

Tiny specks


I began
because of
eternal end
with you

I find
seeking only
in the journey
I make
down streets
where no one knows me
my way
to You

Lonely amongst
strangers, hopeful
Longing for
like I –
and forever found
A fellow wretch, safe
a world I find
as I walk closer to your side
so very foreign

A lowly immigrant
in a place
I do not know
I am not here
to make a home. 

Beggar’s prayer


O God
I am scared
of what I do not know
of what I might feel
of being depressed
of my financial state
of letting people down
I am scared
of going to sleep
by myself
I am scared
of me

I have a yucky feeling
Take it away
Take it from me
give me

I beg, God
most of all
for You to take
this tiny seed
that hides
somewhere in the depths
so deep in me
somewhere I cannot see

take it
make it grow
in me, so great
grow in me
such faith

I am
so small